Client Testimonials

“Rosalind Baruch & Associates made a significant impact on our company. With excellent research, Rosalind was able to redirect our team and give us clear guidance on how to effectively promote our products to our customers. Rosalind was able to improve our business and team relations by teaching and coaching our associates on how to use different techniques to successfully lead our clients to the winning edge. She is an excellent facilitator and a wonderful presenter. She kept us on track, made learning relevant and fun to boot. Roz continues to go the extra mile to facilitate the results our company hired her to achieve."

Tamara Johnson—President/CEO
The Spoiled Mama

“Rosalind Baruch's expertise has enabled me to formalize our HR program. Rosalind's astute guidance, based on many years experience in the field, has helped me create strategic solutions to address the many challenges and opportunities that arise within a non-profit religious institution. She always takes the time to fully understand our needs and then provides me with the insightful guidance, enabling me to make the right decisions.”

Nancy Drapin—Executive Director
Congregation Sherith Israel

“Finding someone to facilitate a professional development training workshop for our program was challenging for a few reason. First, we needed someone who could understand the type of work we do in University Housing and be able to articulate how those skills are transferable to our professional staff outside the University sector. Second, we needed someone who could capture the attention of a group of less than motivated staff members. Lastly, we needed someone who had the credentials and ability to deliver their message in a direct, honest and non-threatening way that could be easily understood by employees of all different levels. When I recommended Rosalind Cohen-Baruch to the planning committee they instantly said "yes, we need to bring her to campus.”

I had known Ms. Cohen-Baruch (Roz) for over 10 years and I knew her facilitation style would be perfect for our team. After she finished her presentation, I was totally speechless because she exceeded our expectations in a way that I could not have imagined. If I could describe her presentation in one word, it would have to be "Awesome". Her humor and engaging presentation was perfectly delivered. All eyes were wide open and attentive while she shared her personal story of how she successfully crafted her career by making deliberate and purposeful decisions in her life. When it was all said and done, she was able to masterfully deliver a professional development blueprint that could easily be implemented in any type of work environment.

She made such a huge impact on our team; we are currently discussing how we can bring her back to conduct more training sessions for our department. She could easily be the keynote speaker for a conference or workshop. If you have an opportunity to invite Ms. Cohen-Baruch to speak to your company, I promise you will not be disappointed. I look forward to working with her again.”

Patrick McFall—Residential Life-Professional Development Committee
San Francisco State University

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