In today's world, no one can afford to sit still.

The need to adapt and react quickly with timeliness, precision and thoughtfulness is the difference between success and failure.

With RBA you will have a partner who can provide the experienced insight to help in determining your Human Capital strategy from discovery through implementation.

Areas of focus include:

  • Development of Vision and Mission Statements
  • Goal Setting
  • Compensation Planning
  • Human Resources Audit
  • Executive Coaching for Senior Leadership
  • Organizational Restructuring

Our Expertise

When a widely recognized brand name needed to determine how they would translate their mission and vision to a goal setting plan that included a performance evaluation process, they came to Rosalind Baruch & Associates. RBA worked with the senior leadership team to

  • Refine the goals to accurately represented the mission and values of their organization,;
  • Develop the job description competencies to ensure they supported goals, mission and vision; and
  • Implement a performance evaluation system that reinforced and rewarded those behaviors that supported and reflected the organizational goals and mission.

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