Just what can you say in a reference call?

It is a tough question. An employee (in this case an ex-employee) has put you down as a reference and you receive a call from a potential employer. Maybe they weren’t the best employee….maybe they were a rock star….either way, what should you say? Take a look at this post from our friends at  Constangy, [...]

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“If you were an animal, which one would you be?”

 I won’t BEGIN to discuss in this blog post why this should NEVER be an interview questions (feel free to email me directly if you need an answer to this question), but rather give you a better way of hiring relevant, value add and effective employees. “Rosalind we have the questions we ask our candidates [...]

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Caught between a rock and a hard place…

HR always seems to be in the middle of something….whether it is an employee relations issue or trying to advocate for employee compensation with the CFO, we seem to always be trying to balance two sides of equal importance. So the question this week is how do HR departments manage the balance between tactical and [...]

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Goal Setting – Setting the Roadmap to Excellence

Title: Goal Setting – Setting the Roadmap to Excellence Location: VCOMA Link out: Click hereDescription: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll Regardless of whether it is losing 10 lbs., finalizing the business continuity plan for your office or learning a new language, everyone has [...]

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A sneer across a conference table….

What if I were to tell you that there is a process that will improve efficiencies, increase employee satisfaction, reduce risk, increase safety and ultimately boost your profitability. What if I were to then tell you that the cost would be less than what you pay in employee benefits for the year or even the [...]

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3 things that will keep you out of jail…HR jail that is

I am asked all the time “HR consultant, if I had to do one task in Human Resources this year, what should it be?”  “If you are willing to add two more, I can keep you out of HR jail”, I respond.  First, write/update your employee handbook. There have been a ton of changes over the past [...]

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The regulations are a’comin…proposed rules regarding incentive-based compensation arrangements

On March 2nd, our friends at the SEC released new rules regarding incentive based compensation in connection with provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act for “covered financial institutions”. According to a great briefing by Littler a “covered financial institution,”  is defined as all institutions that have $1 billion or more in assets, including: depository institutions or [...]

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Fearless Women’s Entrepeneur Network presents Speed Networking

Title: Fearless Women’s Entrepreneur Network presents Speed Networking Location: Hub SOMA Link out: Click here Description: Join me as I provide Human Resources advice and answer the most burning HR questions! It’s been on your to-do list for months. You’ve been meaning to research that legal, marketing, or tax issue, but can’t seem to find [...]

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Part three – “Your Employee says ‘Write Up’, you say ‘Follow up” or How to Move On and Move Forward

Let’s recap our previous installment of “As the Office Turns”: 1. you recognized an employee performance issue, and 2. you discussed it with him/her in a clear, pointed and goal-oriented meeting Now begins the final step…following up and reinforcing the behaviors that will make your employee successful “Follow up?” you say. “Usually that means ‘writing them [...]

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Part two – “Steady As We Go” or Having THE Conversation…

In the previous installment of “As The Office Turns”, it was clear that there was a conversation that needed to be had. So in part two, how do you have the conversation? What do you need to do to prepare? First, think of the goal.  The purpose of the meeting is to ultimately have the [...]

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